Waste & Rates

Maine Waste-to-Energy charges disposal or “tipping” fees which vary by origin and type of waste. Member rates are discounted based on investments made by their community. Acceptable waste generally includes municipal solid waste from residential or commercial sources with a total dimension of fewer than 3 feet. Any liquid, hazardous, or special/large waste materials that are not explicitly listed below will not be accepted, including fluorescent bulbs.

Household and Commercial Trash (3 feet maximum size limit)

  • Commercial Haulers – $119/ton
  • Commercial Waste from Member Municipalities – $98/ton
  • Non-Member Municipal contracts – Negotiated prices

Additional Types of Waste

  • Bulky, Construction Waste, Brush – $180/ton
  • Oily Waste (Non-liquid rags and absorbents) – $450/ton
  • Confidential Documents/Off-spec Manufactured Products
    • Self-dumping vehicles into pit – $250/ton
    • Hand unloaded into MWE loader for pit – $275/ton
    • Custom service feed directly to incinerator – $475/ton

Recycling & Other Services

  • Tires
    • Car & Light Truck w/o rims – $12 each
    • Car & Light Truck with rims – $12 each
  • Freon devices
    • Residential AC units, refrigerators, freezers – $45 each
    • Commercial units – $90 each
  • Propane bottles, 20# residential size – $12 each
  • Certified weights – $10 each
  • Televisions, computers, monitors, other electronics – $12 each
  • Mattresses – $25 each, any size
  • Cardboard, Metal – accepted at no fee

Auburn Residents: Show proof of residency for free disposal of household trash.

Minot Residents: Show permit sticker (obtained from Minot Town Hall) for free disposal of household trash.

We do not offer collection or hauling services for trash or recyclables. Any questions about local trash or recycling pickup should be directed to your local municipal office.

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